Acoustic Logic Consultancy  |  16.09.2019
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Australian Acoustical Society and CSR Bradford awards ALC


Acoustic Logic was recently awarded for its innovative work on the complex coupled atrium housed within the iconic commercial building at 883 Collins Street, Melbourne by the Australian Acoustical Society and CSR Bradford. The coupled atrium within this building, the largest of its kind in the southern hemishpere contains a voluminous central atrium acoustically coupled to open plan office space at its periphery.

Rather than accept rule of thumb methodology of using reverberation time as the sole measure of this acoustically complex space which has inherently large cost implications for such a space, Acoustic Logic went back to first principles to determine the acoustic quality parameters that are critical to achieving the outcomes desired by the end users. A comfortable ambiance, acoustic privacy and minimal noise “spill” from the central atrium to ensure that it does not interfere with the sensitive office environment connected to the atrium; all desired outcomes.

Research carried out by Acoustic Logic led to the conclusion that the accepted paradigm of minimising reverberation time was, in fact, the opposite of what was needed. Short reverberation times make speech across the atrium intelligible, whereas one of the desirable outcomes was to ensure that it was unintelligible. Once the reverberation time paradigm was broken, Acoustic Logic then developed the key performance measures that actually reflect the design outcomes, and used its skills to develop a 3D computational acoustic model and design the space according to the principles established.

Whilst fulfilling Client expectations and delivering a space that is truly “fit for purpose”, Acoustic Logic strategically delivered substantial cost savings to the Client. This was achieved by not adopting the archetypal attitude of incorporating acoustically absorptive linings within such voluminous spaces to address the reverberation time parameter; a parameter which Acoustic Logic has shown to be inappropriate as the sole parameter in the design of coupled atriums.

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