Acoustic Logic Consultancy  |  16.09.2019
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Acoustic Consultant on World's First
Residential Building with Integrated Wind Turbines


Acoustic Logic has assisted in delivering a world first in residential and energy efficient developments. In 2010 the first ever construction to incorporate wind turbines into its design was completed in London. The building, located at Elephant and Castle, is now the tallest residential tower in London, with three large wind turbines integrated into the top of the structure.

A vital component of the design was to ensure that noise and vibration created by the wind turbines would not have any adverse impact on the 43 levels of residential apartments below and the structural integrity of the Venturi shrouds and framing structure that surround the turbines. The other critical issue, was the impact on surrounding land uses, of placing three wind turbines in a densely populated urban area, as opposed to an open field or sea bed location. Acoustic Logic was able to eliminate any potential problems the turbines may cause through a number of intricate noise and vibration assessments and an innovative solution was formed to allow the on-site energy producing turbines to co-exist with the tower’s residents and neighbours.

Without the critical involvement of Acoustic Logic to resolve the myriad of new and complex issues arising from this brave new venture into energy conservation, this innovative and vital development would not have been possible.

This iconic project is setting new standards in sustainable living and will be a benchmark for future developments. Notably, on this project Acoustic Logic made their contribution to the peace of London and the World.