Acoustic Logic Consultancy  |  16.09.2019
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Innovations in Industry
This is a difficult area to demonstrate and for some organisations the challenges do not come along very often. In the case of our consultancy, clients normally come to us for this very thing. There are numerous examples which can be provided, briefly some of these are:
  1. Innovation award associated with product development of fire acoustic wall box with HPM
  2. Development of unique hospital partition system which terminates below ceiling and does not hinder services passage – provides significant cost savings – applied on Canterbury, Campbelltown, Liverpool, Camden, Berwick (VIC), Coffs Harbour, Westmead, and Calvary Hospitals (ACT).
  3. One of the more recent innovative and lateral projects we have undertaken was Luna Park’s “Luna Circus”. This project was truly complex, challenging and the solutions were unique and have been proven to work. ALC were able to design a lightweight system to contain noise levels in the order of 120 dB(A) and jet engine at 5m. The object was that apartments which were 13m away would be unaffected. This objective was achieved.
  4. Development of light weight wall systems for CSR Ltd – Australia
  5. Design of acoustic window systems
  6. Design of mechanical systems which eliminate the total reliance on hard duct work.
  7. Re-design of Melbourne Central cinemas and complex saving $AUD2m.
  8. Re-design of glass on Latitude, Sydney project, – originally 13.38mmlam/12mm air gap/10.38mm lam, reduced to 10.38mm lam/12mm airgap/6.38mm lam. For this 50 storey building the saving was $AUD3.5m
  9. Development of tile adhesion system which eliminates the need for floating floor systems for tiles and stone