Acoustic Logic Consultancy  |  16.09.2019
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Thanks, Acoustic Logic Consultancy
Acoustic Logic operates as a highly independent company and as a wide base of experience and collective knowledge in our field. Acoustic Logic consultancy uses both commercially available modelling software including Soundplan ®, EASE ® and CLIO ® combined with software developed by internally distilling our vast experience in the field.

All acoustic measurement equipment is available including:
  1. Integrating Sound Level Meters and analysers
  2. Vibration Measurement Equipment including 1-D and 3-D capability
  3. Noise and  Vibration loggers with remote download capability including global capability
  4. Dust monitors
  5. Tapping machines
  6. Spectrum Analysers
  7. Omnidirectional Loudspeaker
  8. CLIO ® electrical and acoustical measurement system
  9. Room and Electro Acoustic (EASE) modelling
  10. Soundplan ® modelling
  11. Chart Recorders
  12. Random Noise Generators, Speakers and ancillary equipment for Transmission Loss Tests
  13. As well as full word processing facilities and time slip monitoring programmes.