Acoustic Logic Consultancy  |  16.09.2019
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Acoustic Logic Consultancy’s expertise includes:
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    Planning Studies

    • Local environmental plans
    • Masterplan reports
    • Assessment of greenfield.redevelopment proposals
  • Residential / Aged Care

    Residential / Aged Care

    • Noise assessments
    • Wall, floor, ceiling design and analysis
    • Services assessment and design
    • Planning submissions
    • Submissions to Environment Protection Authorities, statutory and local councils
    • Noise immision/emission modelling
    • Design of barriers, enclosures, silencers, plant treatment and other noise control measures
    • Compliance testing
  • Multi-dimensional / Precinct Projects

    Multi-dimensional / Precinct Projects

    • Masterplan reports
    • Complete acoustic consulting services through to completion
    • Mixed use including residential, retail, commercial
    • Multi-dimensional projects
    • Precinct developments over multiple stages
    • Sound system design end engineering
  • Industrial and Commercial Projects

    Industrial and Commercial Projects

    • Enviromental noise assessments of industrial and commercial projects
    • Intermodal facilities, data centres, shopping centres/precincts
    • Submissions to Environmental Protection Authorities, Councils and government
    • Noise emission modelling
    • Acoustic design of barriers, enclosures, silencers and other noise control measures
    • Sound system design end engineering
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    Education / Childcare

    • Schools, technical colleges and institutes, libraries, and universities
    • Vocational/Dual sector involvement
    • Music practice rooms, auditoria design
    • Architectural acoustic design of critical spaces
    • Design, inspection and certification testing
  • Entertainment


    • Noise assessments of pubs, nightclubs, live venues
    • Cinemas, bowling alleys, gym and fitness facilities
    • Community and sporting facilities
    • Outdoor gaming and beer gardens/terraces
    • Liquor Licencing reports/assessments
    • Sound system design end engineering
  • Health / Healthcare / Research

    Health / Healthcare / Research

    • Hospitals
    • Acoustic testing facility design
    • Medical Cetres
    • Laboratories including  Quarantine Containment (QC) and Physical Containment (PC)
    • Helipad design and assessment
    • Clean room environments
    • Design, inspection and certification testing
  • Specialised Spaces

    Specialised Spaces

    • On air broadcast studios
    • Television studios
    • Recording studios
    • Audimetric testing facilities
    • Radio stations
    • Acosutic testing laboratories
  • Traffic Noise

    Traffic Noise

    • Environmental noise impact studies
    •  Prediction and assessment of traffic noise using models such as CORTN, FHWA and ENM
    • Strategic studies for new road proposals
    • Traffic noise reports for residential, commercial and industrial developments
    • Design of barriers, façade systems, and other traffic noise control measures
    • Traffic noise measurement.
    • Community consultation
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    Construction Noise and Vibration

    • Construction noise and vibration management plans
    • Manned construciton noise and vibration monitoring
    • Unmanned real time monitoring with remote download capability locally and globally
    • Community consultation and liason
  • Rail and Tram Noise and Vibration

    Rail and Tram Noise and Vibration

    • Environmental noise impact studies
    • Noise and vibration measurement from rail and tram lines
    • Design of vibration isolation of buildings to mitigate rail / tram vibration
    • Planning of developments near railways
    • Assessment of rail/tram noise intrusion
  • Aircraft / Helicopter Noise

    Aircraft / Helicopter Noise

    • Noise assessment for proposed airports
    • Helicopter landing site noise assessment including Helipad design
    • Planning of developments near airports

Gym and Pool Vibration Isolation

Expert Witness and Peer Review

Community Consultation

Noise, Vibration and Dust Monitoring

Soundplan ® , EASE ® and Room Acoustic (CLIO ®) Analysis